First registered in Ghana on the 27th May,2008 in Kumasi as import, export, distribution of antiseptic, agro-food and general merchants. However, due to the lead Co-founder’s getting an international sales appointment at that time, operations were suspended till 27th June,2016 where it was re-registered due to the deactivation of the first registration. Infant Prodigy Group also registered a branch in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on the 14th September, 2018.The company started trading as wholesalers for locally manufactured water, drinks and some imported fruit juice. Initially, we wanted to be main distributors to some established brands of some local manufacturers but were denied because there were already enough main distributors of those brands while their production capacities were limited. These rather made us to act as sub-wholesalers to the main distributors. We were made to deposit our money into those main distributors bank accounts even before they procure those item but yet they were unable to deliver to us all what we paid for when they got their stock. We were given our orders in bit and pieces till we get all. This frustrated us a lot.

These also made our overheads too high and unable to sustain the operations with all the taxes that we were made to pay in addition. The gross profit margins were as low as 1 Ghana cedi per pack or ctn then. We were spending so much on distribution as well as the same manufacturers were again competing with us in the same territories selling to retailers’ same prices as they sold to us. This led us to a decision to stop dealing with all local manufactured products and rather import by ourselves.

In 2018, we started our first importation of fruit juice from Morocco with a brand named Valencia till 2020. In 2021, we started importing our second brand by name Meysu from Turkiye because the producers of Valencia were not ready to engage in a win-win partnership with us but were only interested in their sales to us and getting their money. Again, their product packaging was very poor therefore causing us a lot losses and upon several pieces of advice to them for the improvement of their packaging yet they did not bother improving it. They were also not considering us in any decision they make on their products example, they changed their packaging labels without our prior notice and it caused us a lot of harm regulatory and customer wise.

Since 2021, we have also started importing confectioneries from one of Meysu’s sister companies by name Gulsan and our cooperation with Meysu and Gulsan have since been wonderful. We have further plan to expand our products portfolio include Biscuits, Spaghetti, Vegetable oil, Sardine and mackerel, tomato paste as part of our short-medium term strategy. We intend to operate an integrated food manufacturing and distribution company as part of our long term plan.

We undergo a regular follow up, inspection and careful sourcing of products around the world making sure we deliver the best products that meet international standards and can achieve the assured ‘highest quality. We select suppliers that satisfy the highest quality standard to our clients. We have a very competent team that work very hard in order meet our domestic as well as international market demands.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We go an extra mile in our service delivery. Our goal is to deliver the right product at the right time frame in the best condition at the right place for the right usage at the right price without compromising on quality. We do not compromise on quality no matter the cost. With the help of a good market knowledge, we have been able to develop a good distribution network and facilities that have carved us a good reputation of meeting market demand. Our delivery logistics and easy payment options make it possible for us to reach our clients nationwide. Our clients do not need to worry about how to get our products no matter where they are located in the jurisdictions that we operate.

We are building a further good relationship with various reputable and trustworthy manufacturers around the globe to enable us serve cherished customers better. Great emphasis is laid on the manufacturer’s past record, history, financial stability and goodwill in their domestic as well as international market before choosing them. These are manufacturers who faithfully follow the norms of quality specified by global quality standards certified by quality and standards certifications at every level of their work. Every single product from us meets the requirements of our customer national and international standard.

Customer health safety is paramount and we do that to the best of their satisfaction.