Gulsan lemon Sauce 1000ml

Lemon is a seasonal fruit, so we can’t always find a lemon when we want one. When it is difficult to find a lemon, we think of lemon sauce. However, you don’t have to have a lemon to use lemon sauce. Many people choose lemon sauce out of preference.
Lemon sauces are usually used in salads, soups and seafood and sometimes in other types of dishes and desserts. Lemon sauce has the distinction of being a natural flavour that you can achieve the true taste of lemon with its aroma and consistency.
Although it does not replace the lemon, it does not resemble a lemon in its absence and does not deprive your palate of the lemon flavor. That’s why lemon sauce should be natural and delicious. Gülsan Lemon Sauce with its special recipe is ready to meet your demand, bon appétit.